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The North Sea is an almost inexhaustible source of various kinds of raw materials for the construction industry.
Our company has a history spanning several decades in the exploitation of sand and gravel from the sea, which are also referred to as granules.

Its on-board sieve installation allows the Reimerswaal to sort mined sand and gravel by various grain sizes.
Quality and sorting of every load of dredged sand or gravel is checked by the ship's highly experienced crew.
This way of working has resulted in high satisfaction levels among our customer base for many years.

Just off the coast of the Netherlands, the seabed mainly offers what we call fine sand, which is also referred to as filling sand.
But there is also coarse sand off the Dutch coast, which is mainly used in the concrete industry.
The Belgian coast resembles the Dutch coast, albeit that the Belgian shelf has larger quantities of coarse material.

Given the rising demand for coarse material and/or gravel, the UK continental shelf is increasingly becoming a popular dredging location. France and Denmark also boast large high-quality sand and gravel reserves.
These resources are mostly found at greater depths (down to approx. 50 metres).
We are able to sieve out the material with the grain size specified by the customer.

In all of the countries mentioned above, we either hold a full licence or can supply under third-party licences.

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