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DC Orisant

The DC Orisant was developed with one key characteristic in mind: operational reliability.
The DC Orisant boasts full system redundancy at every level, with a view to maximising flexibility and minimising downtime in the unlikely event that a component fails.

This ship is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including an advanced Power Management System (PMS) that powers four generators with varying torques for optimum fuel economy and maximum reduction of CO2 emissions.

On the ship’s bridge, the duty officer controls navigation and the dredging process on 10 large optimised screens, including several 46-inch screens.

Dynamic Positioning (DP) also comes as standard, enabling high-precision positioning of the ship.

The stud poles mounted on the ship’s stern and bow allow the duty officer to moor the ship from the control position, even when mooring facilities on shore are lacking. Given that these spud poles can be extended 18 metres below the ship’s keel, no crew will be needed to moor the ship or set off, as the duty officer can do it all without assistance.

With its 12 buckets on a vertical bucket wheel, the ship’s dry discharge system can scoop a layer of material from the hold in both directions at a rate of 2,500m3 per hour.

The bucket wheel system subsequently dumps the material onto the shore conveyor using an ingenious system of conveyors. The shore conveyor, which can swivel 300° from port to starboard, has a discharge distance of 60 metres. The elevation of the conveyor can be adjusted and the conveyor is equipped with a control slide at the discharge end.

The DC Orisant can also discharge material through the discharge pipe, rainbow nozzle, or the doors in its hull.

DC Orisant Datasheet - Click to download
DC Orisant General Arrangement - Click to download
The DC Orisant is expected to be completed in July 2018.

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