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Reimerswaal Dredging is a company with over 45 years of experience in sand and gravel mining at sea and in rivers. In 1966, the first suction hopper that carried the name Reimerswaal went into service. This Reimerswaal, with a hopper capacity of 400m3, was only intended for use on inland waterways, and was mainly exploited in the northern part of the Netherlands. The first Reimerswaal was sold in 1979.

In 1980, the second Reimerswaal went into service. This was a seagoing suction hopper of 800m3. This ship was mainly used along the Belgian coast, while it was also deployed for projects in the Netherlands and Germany. This ship was sold in 1993.

Reimerswaal 2 was followed by Reimerswaal 3. This was also a seafaring vessel, which was converted into a self unloading dry discharger in 1995, enabling this ship to discharge the 1600m3 of capacity of its suction hopper in only 2 hours.
This has allowed us to considerably speed up turnaround.

Spurred on by rising demand for sand, a decision was made in 2001 to build a second ship. In 2002, the Orisant, boasting a hold volume of 2600m3, was taken into service. This ship too is equipped with its own dry discharge system, allowing for full discharge within 2 hours.

After the addition of the Orisant, the company started taking on more dredging work on the UK continental shelf. In 2008, both the Reimerswaal and the Orisant were sold.

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